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T. Brown Treatment began 2011


At just over 4 months, our infant son was diagnosed with CENTRAL SLEEP APNEA at UNC Children’s Hospital at Chapel Hill. We had an Amazing team of Medical Doctors that helped us get a diagnosis and provide care for him. But the story does not begin there, nor does it end there.

Our newborn son, born full-term at 41 weeks and 9 lbs 4 oz, was developmentally normal with no obvious issues. He had fantastic apgars and a normal, natural birth.

At 6 days of age, he developed an upper respiratory infection and Dr. Bolton helped provide care for him by performing a Chiropractic Adjustment on him. He immediately responded and got well at a much faster rate than Momma did! (It took Momma 9 weeks to get well, and Baby T 9 days!)

At 10 weeks, Baby T went into respiratory distress and almost died. He was diagnosed with a mild lung infection and proceeded to respond as a normal infant.

Before all of this occurred, Momma noticed there were times where he wasn’t breathing right. Because of the breathing issues he had as a newborn, he slept right by Momma, and she noticed that he sometimes seemed to hold his breath. After he went into respiratory distress, our medical doctor prescribed an apnea monitor to determine if there was an underlying cause to his respiratory issues.

Baby T set that apnea monitor off ALL the TIME and that sent us off to Chapel Hill and the University Children’s Hospital. A week’s worth of in-patient testing for his heart, lungs, and brain, along with MANY tests, baby T was diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea, meaning his brain does not remind him to breathe. He started a course of medication designed to help his brain remember to breathe. We immediately called Dr. Bolton and asked for his advice in Baby T’s care. Actually, we had been dialoguing with him all along the way and he gave us GREAT advice in how to relate to the medical community while still having our wishes for natural care to be respected.

Dr. Bolton provided Baby T with a Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment and we noticed an IMMEDIATE decrease in apneas. We are talking concrete – his apnea monitor keeps a WRITTEN RECORD of every apnea he has over 10 seconds. Baby T’s average before adjustments was 11-12 a night, and after his first adjustment, he averaged just one a night. Unfortunately, it would take us 2 1/2 months to realize this direct correlation, and at this point, Baby T was averaging over 30 apneas per night. Then it hit us. Dr. Bolton would provide an Adjustment, and we would see an IMMEDIATE decrease in apneas on his monitor download. We again began REGULAR Chiropractic care, and now Baby T has less than 6 apneas per night, and hasn’t had an apnea over 20 seconds in more than2 months!!! (At one point he had apneas lasting 59 seconds and a good percentage of his apneas were more than 20 seconds long).

All along we thought the medication Baby T was taking was helping him, when it was Dr. Bolton’s CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS that were providing relief from the apneas!!!!!!

We are VERY Thankful for Dr. Bolton providing Patient, Gentle, Instructive care and for his willingness to tackle a not very easy diagnosis! Dr. Bolton was also eager to do research to try to figure out the best course of treatment for our son. We are SO THANKFUL!!!!!!

Thankful Parents, Ben and Misty Brown



Catherine Skinner Treatment began Dec 08, 2010

I have had problems with my lower back and hip on my right side for about 15 years, off and on. Around July 2010 I would wake up during the early morning with my hip hurting and would have a hard time going back to sleep. Sometimes it would hurt all day. This started getting worse so I decided to go see Dr. Bolton to see if he could help me. Around May 2011 I had improved to the point that I had little to no pain. Thanks to the treatments I now go only for maintenance treatments or as needed.




K. Vick Treatment began March 25, 2011

I was in an automobile accident in 1986 which resulted in me having pain in my lower back. I have been to numerous doctors over the years. I have taken pain pills, injections, but nothing helped. So, one evening on an outing, I met Dr. Bolton with First Choice Chiropractic Clinic in town. He was new so when he said that he could help me with my pain I said ok, what did I have to lose. Well, after 2 weeks of treatment I was without pain. So if you have chronic back pain go see Dr. Bolton. You will be back in the driver seat in no time. Thanks Dr. Bolton for your caring ways and how to live pain free.




Mrs. C Tadlock Treatment began Nov 2010

I injured my back 6 years ago in a snowboarding crash, which resulted in a ruptured disk. I have been living with back pain on a daily basis since then. The range of pain has varied including all of the following: dull aches, sharp, stabbing pain, numbness and tingling sensations, to times of intense pain. I had learned to live with the dull aches and numbness and I could handle the really bad pain in short increments of time, it was the times that I would hurt non-stop for weeks that would be the hardest to handle.

After doing all that I knew to do to decrease the pain, I thought it was something that I would just have to live with. I tried to eliminate all the activities that would increase the pain. However, doing this greatly affected my quality of life, and only after treatment have I realized how much more it had actually affected me.

Chiropractic care was always an option, but my limited knowledge of the field, combined with the desire to “protect” my back from further injury, kept me from seeking this type of care. I met Dr. Bolton at a free screening session, where an infra red scan was done. Dr. Bolton was very patient in explaining the process and he helped to put my fears to rest assuring me that the type of chiropractic care he gives is the gentler and less intrusive type. His approach and demeanor created the opportunity for me to learn more about chiropractic care, to get a better understanding of what chiropractic care was truly about and how it could help my situation improve.

Dr. Bolton’s honest and open discussion put me at ease, so much so, that I agreed to an office appointment for an initial adjustment. During the initial visit I was very anxious, I had learned to live a life that always allowed me to protect my back. Dr. Bolton put my worries at ease and helped to lead me in my own body’s full recovery from the injury. While I was still unsure of the practice, I felt such a dramatic change after just the first visit; I was convinced and continued on. It has been exciting to see the improvement week after week.

I have been amazed at how my body has responded. I now enjoy pain free weeks on end, something I had given up hope on. I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to have a spine that is “free” to move around again. I would gladly refer and endorse Dr. Bolton and First Choice Chiropractic for anyone that is suffering in this way. It is not something you have to live with. I am so thankful that I gave Dr. Bolton the chance it has been well worth it!




B. Couch Treatment began Aug 2011

I came to Dr. Bolton as a way to find some non-medication relief for the (then) constant fibromyalgia discomfort & pain. With his gentle care, treatment, & new x-rays, we found a possible reason for my neck pain & a treatment plan. My overall health has greatly improved & my fibro pain greatly diminished.




Tammy Hutto Treatment begain Sept 14, 2011

I am a 43 year old female who has suffered from chronic headaches as well as chronic sinusitis and inner ear problems for more than 30 years. The headaches could last from weeks to several months at a time, and often prevented me from doing everyday things at home and work because the intensity did not allow me to concentrate. I was often prevented from doing one of my favorite things: flying.

With encouragment from my family and employer, I decided to seek Chiropractic help from Dr. Bolton. After my 1st adjustment, I felt better than I had felt in years. I was able to reduce my use of anti-inflammatory and pain medicine as well as my sinus/allergy medicine. After my 3rd adjustment, the chronic headache I had for more than 3 months was reduced to a mild discomfort. My sinsuses and ears were finally clearing of congestion and I was able to breathe better.

As of September 27, 2011 I am currently free of headaches! My sinuses and ears are still clear of the congestion I was told I would “just have to live with.”

Thank you Dr. Bolton for giving me my life back!




Misty Brown Treatment began 2010

I have struggled with irregular periods, irregular ovulation and infertility for years. It took my husband and I 3 years to get pregnant with our first child.

I started regular Upper Cervical Chiropractic care while I was pregnant with our 4th baby. In 2009, our family moved 18 hours away from our previous Chiropractor. Before this move, I had been under regular Chiropractic care from 2004 to 2009. While under this regular Chiropractic Care, for the first time in my adult life, I began having regular cycles!!! It was something that was quite amazing for me!

We moved to Eastern NC and I had a very difficult time finding a Chiropractor who specialized in Upper Cervical Care. Then Dr. Bolton arrived in town.

I miscarried in December of 2010 and was of course very sad. My cycles had become irregular and my body was just not normal for me. (I hadn’t been adjusted since June of 2009). My body had stopped cycling regularly and I was not ovulating on a monthly basis. This was all things that I had experienced when I was much younger and not seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Bolton providing me with an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment – and while someone might say it was coincidental – 3 weeks later my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our 6th precious blessing!!

Our Precious Baby T was born in January of 2011 . . . Thanks Dr. Bolton!



Ms. Susanna

I have always been a healthy, active person, exercising 6 days a week, teaching yoga, and hiking. Recently I awoke with a painfully stiff neck, unable to turn my head to the right or bring my ear toward my shoulder, and what felt like a large “shooter” marble in my neck. The pain radiated over my right temple, to my right shoulder and midway down the right side of my back. I went to the doctor, was diagnosed with “geek neck,” and put on muscle-relaxers and painkillers. At the time I was also healing from left lateral knee pain along my IT band for which I had an MRI and a cortisone shot. I saw my masseuse and she recommended I contact Dr. Bolton. After a thorough examination, including x-rays, Dr. Bolton found that my C2/C3 vertebrae were out of alignment and I had a 14 lb difference between the weight on my right and left sides. WOW!

When Dr. Bolton told me he would be doing a traditional neck adjustment I told him, “I can handle that.” He placed my head and neck in the proper position and with the gentlest non-popping, twisting or cracking touch did the adjustment. If the radiating pain had not immediately dissipated I would have had no idea he had done anything. I laughed and said, “That was not a traditional adjustment,” to which he also laughed.

Over an 8 week course of trigger-point therapy and gentle adjustments the “marble” in my neck is non-existent and I am completely pain free. There is no more pain or discomfort in my knee, and my weight is balanced evenly between my right and left sides. I have returned to my normal activity level with an even more heightened awareness of posture and alignment. And, I have become an even more mindful yoga teacher.

Thank you, Dr. Bolton.



A. Zimmerman

I’ve been in pain for as long as I can remember. In high school I was an athlete & assumed that neck, back, and shoulder pain was a part of the process. I couldn’t stand still in one spot for more than 20 minutes without my lower back being on fire. While uncomfortable and annoying I was young and could bear the pain. In college I was in two bad car accidents & had whiplash from both.

As an adult I looked for better pillows to ease the neck pain, I bought insoles for my shoes, I started going to get massages. Nothing was helping. At age 30 I tried traditional chiropractic care and while it helped immensely – the pain always returned a few days later, only to be adjusted away and return again

I moved to Wilson in August of 2010 & knew I wanted to resume care but didn’t know where to go. I wanted a different type of chiropractic care. I took Dr. Bolton up on his ‘free health screening’ at my gym and began care in January 2011. In the six weeks of visits I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my pain. I have more energy, I sleep better, I can do things for longer & without any pain.

Its rather quite remarkable how much better I feel. I sometimes don’t realize how much better I feel because of exactly that. I feel no pain! Even if your pain is slight, I recommend upper cervical chiropractic care! It works!



T. Brown Treatment began 2011

I am SO very thankful for the AMAZING care that Dr. Bolton provides for my NEWBORN son. Our baby was born naturally at 41 weeks, and understanding the difficult nature of the birth process from the BABY’S perspective, we asked Dr. Bolton to adjust him as soon as we were able to after the birth.

Dr. Bolton’s tender and loving care for our newborn son set our minds and hearts at rest while he carefully and tenderly examined him. Dr. Bolton provided a very thorough newborn examination of him and offered a gentle, specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment to him. Our newborn hardly noticed that anything had happened, but immediately was . . . well, it was like he could look out of his eyes more clearly and was so much more aware of his world. Until you see it first hand, it’s hard to describe, but he seriously was just that much more alert.

A few weeks before my baby was due, I developed a severe upper respiratory infection. I was coughing so hard the night before his arrival that I cracked several of my ribs. Unfortunately, I passed this infection on to my newborn son. Dr. Bolton adjusted our newborn and he was able to get through this infection in about a week – it took momma almost 9 weeks to get well! I know without a doubt that the chiropractic adjustment Dr. Bolton provided helped him immensely!

Dr. Bolton is FANTASTIC at caring for children, being a father of 4. He takes the time to treat each child like an individual and is careful to relate to them at their comfort level. I take all 6 of my children to Dr. Bolton and trust him for their care!!!

SO GRATEFUL! Misty Brown



Misty Brown Treatment began 2010

I am SO very thankful for Dr. Bolton!!!

During my most recent pregnancy (and my 6th pregnancy at that!), I struggled with extreme sciatic pain. At times I could barely walk because the pain was so severe. I had pain shooting down my leg, right at the sciatic nerve and into my lower back. Sitting was VERY uncomfortable because of the pain. Walking was difficult. Standing and bending sent pain right down my legs. But the hardest of all was during the night. I had a very difficult time finding a comfortable position to sleep in, and within minutes, my legs, back and hip were all SCREAMING in pain from this sciatic nerve. As my belly grew bigger and my pregnancy progressed, things only got worse.

I mentioned this pain to Dr. Bolton. He listened carefully and knew exactly what to do to help me. He provided IMMEDIATE relief through just one Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment. I slept well that night, for the first time in Weeks!!!

Dr. Bolton also showed my husband and I various exercises and pressure points that would help if the pain returned. He did an excellent job of showing my husband exactly where to massage the pain away and it worked!!!

I continued seeing Dr. Bolton throughout my pregnancy and now afterwards, and could not have functioned well had it not been for his wonderful care!

Thanks, Dr. Bolton!

Gratefully, Misty Brown



Mrs. R. Treatment began June 2011

I have been in chiropractic care for the past 10+ years, driving back and forth to Raleigh. I believe in it as it has made a difference in my body, consequently my life. I came to Dr. Bolton/ First Choice Chiropractic following a meeting he had with someone I know. During my consultation with him, Dr. Bolton educated me about upper cervical spinal correction (neither works nor descriptions had I heard the other chiropractors use) and he illustrated to me his adjustment techniques using much less force than I was accustomed. My interest was piqued and I wanted to know if he could deliver. He can! My first adjustment yielded such restful sleep for four consecutive nights, which was preceded by two and a half years of mild sleep-deprivation due to neck, back, and body aches and pains, and I wanted more! More rest and more relief. That’s exactly what I’m getting!

I am impressed with Dr. Bolton and his unique methods. It’s obvious that his interest is to treat the body as a whole using natural as well as alternative means. I appreciate this approach.

We make choices everyday that impact our health. One of my choices is to continue my chiropractic care with Dr. Bolton and FCC.


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